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Singapore Property Trends

Buying Property For Investment? Avoid Trophy Homes At All Costs!

On and off, we come across news reports of properties transacted at record prices, such as an unit in The …

Singapore Property Trends

I’m a Priority Banking customer, do I still need a mortgage broker to get the best home loan?

As a Priority Banking Customer, you are provided with some benefits from your bank. They can range from preferential rates …

Singapore Property Trends

Should you Reprice, or Refinance your Loans?

So your Loan is out of the lock-in period and the interest rate you are paying on your loan is …

Singapore Property Trends

Is buying a new Executive Condo guaranteed to be profitable?

Buying an Executive Condo is commonly perceived by many Singaporeans as a sure way to make profits, but how true …

Singapore Property Trends

Is getting an Executive Condo more profitable than a Private Condo?

Prices of Executive Condos have risen sharply over the years, with some even seeing close to 100% increase in price …

Singapore Property Trends

My Condo just TOP, should I Refinance?

You bought a newly launched Condo about 3-4 years back and the Condo has now reached TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) …