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The Financial Network

The Financial Network is a financial broker consultancy firm providing property loan and business loan advisory services to property owners and Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”) respectively.

We specialise in property financing and refinancing loans. We are also experts in establishing collaborative relationships with SMEs to provide pragmatic solutions to their financial needs. We assist you with property loan and business loan to procure financing from established capital providers.

In addition, our website offers a free online loan calculator tool to calculate your loan assessment. This tool enables you to calculate your financial loan needs almost immediately.

With good understanding on the ever-changing property and business challenges faced by property owners and SMEs today in various industries, we are able to recommend a suite of suitable financial broker solutions to cater to your financial needs.

We provide time efficiency for you whereby we collate and compare loan packages from all Singapore Financial Institutions. We get the best rates for you by receiving the same referral fee from all the Financial Institutions, thus we provide a fair advice to our clients.

In regards to our expertise, we have a well-versed and dedicated team of consultants who provides latest information and insights to the hidden costs and terms of various packages offered by the Financial Institutions. No advisory cost to you for property financing and refinancing. Our advice fee is at a minimal cost to you with the Financial Institutions we refer you to for your business loan.

We practice integrity and reliability, while working hard to understand our clients and the respective situations they are in. Over the years, we’ve been exposed to a wide multitude of property and business industries through the course of our work.

We are diligent in bridging the gap between our clients and the banks. We seek to ensure that our clients have direct access to transparent, reliable and unbiased information on their business financing options, so as to make well informed financing decisions for their properties and businesses.

By providing information with clarity and transparency, our clients will be able to have more options and can be empowered to make better financing decisions.