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Is getting an Executive Condo more profitable than a Private Condo?

Prices of Executive Condos have risen sharply over the years, with some even seeing close to 100% increase in price over the last 10 years. With average costs of around $750 psf back in 2013, some executive condos have risen to over $1,300 psf in 2024

Seeing how much executive condo prices have grown, many have asked, is buying an Executive Condo a more profitable option than a Private Condo? 

So, let us take a look at a case study of two similar projects, one is the Executive Condo Lush Acres while the other is the nearby Private Condo River Bank @ Fernvale, both were launched just 6 months apart. 

We take a look at two of the recent transactions for these projects. Both units are on the 8th floor, with similar size, both are 3-bedder, and held for approximately 10 years before being sold.

Comparison of Executive Condo and Private Condo

Lush Acres

1st project

 Lush Acres Executive Condo: Launched around August 2013. A recent 3-bedder was sold in Dec 2023 for $1.43 million ($1,307 psf). The seller had bought it for $827,200 ($776 psf) in Oct 2013. This is a 68% gain over 10 years!

Riveranks @ Fernvale

2nd Project

Riverbank @ Fernvale Condo: Launched around Feb 2014. A recent 3-bedder was sold in Dec 2023 for 1.43 million ($1,320 psf). The seller had bought it for $1.042 million ($998 psf) in Mar 2014. This represents a more modest gain of 32% over 10 years.

In fact, there were more recent transactions in both projects that exhibited similar trends. Looking at how these two projects performed, the Executive Condo is a more superior option than a Private Condo.

Incidentally, Stacked Homes wrote an article that found that the 31 most Profitable Private Condos over the last 10 years had a profit margin of between 20% – 35% depending on the years held. Separately, EdgeProp published an article that shows that Executive Condos that were held for more than 8 years have profits between 45% – 70%


However, buying an Executive Condo comes with some restrictions. For one, there is a Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years, where you have to stay in the unit for the first 5 years before being able to sell it (compared to Private Condo where you can sell the unit anytime after purchase). Also, after the MOP, you can only sell the EC to Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. 

The EC will become fully privatized after 10 years with no restrictions on who you can sell to.

Unless you are specifically targeting Foreign buyers, this would not matter. With the current additional buyer stamp duty for foreigners at 60%, they are probably not the best target buyers

In addition, there is an EC income ceiling of $16,000 (combined income) when applying for the EC.

With all that in mind, if you have the option to choose between an Executive Condo, or a Private Condo,  picking an Executive Condo definitely makes much more (financial) sense in terms of long-term profits, and lower psf cost – which means you can get a bigger space for the same quantum

Remember: In investment, you make money when you buy, not when you sell. Your entry price will determine whether you are going to profit.

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