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The Financial Network is a financial broker consultancy firm providing property loan and business loan advisory services to property owners and Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”) respectively.

We specialise in property financing and refinancing loans. We are also experts in establishing collaborative relationships with SMEs to provide pragmatic solutions to their financial needs. We assist you with property loan and business loan to procure financing from established capital providers.

In addition, our website offers a free online loan calculator tool to calculate your loan assessment. This tool enables you to calculate your financial loan needs almost immediately.

With good understanding on the ever-changing property and business challenges faced by property owners and SMEs today in various industries, we are able to recommend a suite of suitable financial broker solutions to cater to your financial needs.


Property Financing Loan

We cater to the needs of clients who need to apply for a financing loan for their purchase of properties. Property ownership made easier with our financing options. Gear-up and find the best financing option for your commercial/residential property.

Property Refinancing Loan

We cater to the needs of clients who need to apply for a refinancing loan for their properties. Property ownership made easier with our refinancing options. Your property loan is one of your biggest financial commitments, hence finding the best refinancing options to lower your interest is of paramount importance.

Business Loan

Doing a business requires one to be competitive and to have quick response. You need to have enough resources to carry out projects well. In certain situations, extra funding is needed. It may be difficult to secure a large sum of money in a short time period and you are unable to get a loan approval fast enough. This is where The Financial Network comes in to help your company. We assist you in securing funding from reputable banks. Funds are disbursed to the business entity, where the loan will be repaid with the lowest interest over a period of time. We help SMEs to discover competitive business loan with the best interest rate packages for their needs. Flexible financing solutions for your business needs.

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We collate & compare loan packages from all Singapore Financial Institutions

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We receive the same referral fee from all the Financial Institutions, thus we provide a fair advice to our clients

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Well versed and dedicated team of consultants who provides latest information and insights to the hidden costs and terms of various packages offered by the Financial Institutions

Minimal Cost

No advisory cost to you for property financing and refinancing. Our advice fee is at a minimal cost to you with the Financial Institutions we refer you to for your business loan.

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Q1. “How much financing can I secure?”

The amount of property loan or business loan funding differs among various banks and also depends on your credit profile and cash flow position etc.).

Most banks’ will grant you the maximum amount if you have a good credit score. However, it is exceedingly hard to secure the maximum amount unless you have close to perfect credit profile.

If your main bank is not able to meet your requested financing amount, you can also apply across other banks concurrently to maximize the financing amount you’re targeting.

Q2. “What is the turnaround time for the loan application approval?”

The typical turnaround time for loan applications is 2 to 4 weeks.

The turnaround time takes this long because

  1. You may not be familiar with the documents required and the application process.
  2. You may have more back-and-forth communication with the banker to get the financing application right.

If you managed to secure approval after the loan application review, you’ll have to wait for about another 1 week for funds to be disbursed. So from application to receiving funds, expect a turnaround time of between 3 to 5 weeks.

Q3. “In what situation would my application get rejected by the bank?”

Most loan applications can be rejected due to multiple reasons, such as

  1. Approaching the wrong banks
  2. Your personal credit profile
  3. Limits to financing for existing bankers
  4. Weak cash flow

It is critical that you identify the right bank to seek financing with and to be able to address the bank’s credit concerns and queries adequately, to minimize rejections.

Q4. “How to I obtain the lowest interest rate for my loan?”

There are more than 20+ banks and financial institution providing loans. Their interest rate are different and varies according to factors such as credit grading of applicant and the loan quantum.

It is prudent to compare widely through multiple banks to suss out the best financing deal.

Do note that the lowest rates quote that you receive might not necessarily mean it’s the best financing offer for your business. Check with the banks on their processing fees, annual fees if any and any other fee charges that could effectively increase your cost of borrowing.

Alternatively, consider engaging a loan broker to help comb through the various banks business loan products to find the lowest rates for your company.

Q5. “Will a low credit rating affect my loan application?”

Your loan application might be adversely affected if your personal credit rating is bad.

When you apply for a loan in Singapore, your personal credit record will usually be assessed by the relevant banks. Your personal credit record will thus affect your loan approval chances as well.

It is absolutely critical for you to keep your personal credit score acceptable. Any negative impairments on your personal credit will adversely affect your property loan and business loan applications, making it next to impossible to obtain any form of financing.

Therefore, always be conscious to protect your personal credit grading by paying all your personal credit cards, home loan, car loan etc on time. Settle any overdue payments promptly and be cautious not to over-extend your personal credit at all times.

Q6. “If I am a start up business, can I still get financing from the banks?”

Yes you can but options are very limited for new start ups. Most banks do not provide start up business loan for newly registered companies.

Most banks lend on track record and would require applicant company to have at least 1 to 2 years of operational business history before considering extending financing.

If your business is operational and at least 6 months old, a competent SME loan broker might still be able to help you secure business financing.

However, expect very limited financing options for a start for very young companies and also smaller financing quantum. If you manage to secure any form of business loans, ensure prompt subsequent repayments to build up a good credit record for your company.

As your business matures and coupled with a good credit record, it’ll be easier to source for financing in future from more banks, with more options.

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